Tuesday, 13 August 2013

ok so we had to write poems about the holocaust for english, so here is my first poem.

Memories Haunt

Never will I forget the day,
When my innocence died,
Why it happened I can not say,
But believe me I have tried.

These human lives were thrown away,
Consumed by these flames,
After this I could not pray,
Haunted by their exclaims.

I watched the hungry slowly die,
I heard the tortured scream,
To save myself I told a lie,
And settled to regime.

I watched my father escape me,
And die bit by bit,
I did too, to a degree,
And withered with each hit.

With little sleep I used to dream,
Of a life with no bell,
Where I would not have to scheme,
Just to leave this hell.

To this day I can recall,
My infernal nightmare,
How close I came to death’s call,
The boy I left right there.
-Lauren Browne

1 comment:

  1. The holocaust was a devastating time for body and spirit. Love the line..."I watched the hungry slowly die..." Even more repetition of this line at the beginning of each subsequent verse - with maybe a twist in the final verse - would have given an extra, dramatic heartbeat to the poem.